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Any chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Processes in the pulp and paper industry are based on the interlinking of separate systems, each highly sophisticated in its own right. A bale or roll handling system has to be integrated into process. A paper machine may have to control a broke conveyor. All these system must be perfectly matched. One small fault in any part of the chain can bring production to a standstill.
That's why it's so vital for us - the suppliers of these handling system - to possess two key qualities. Firstly the ability to conceive and design ingenious, flexible equipment, tailored specifically to your process. That's the pure engineering part. It calls for thorough preparation, planning and documentation. But besides that, we have to be able to get up from our CAD workstations, go down to visit your plant, to see our solutions on site and to make sure that the job gets done. We have eperienced installation supervisors and our own staff to guarentee a quality job. Metrans has supplied handling systems to more than 160 of the most successful mills in the world. We have honed the qualities we belive are vital: engineering and the ability to remain in touch with reality.

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