UMC's : Under Machine Conveyors

At Metrans we design, manufacture and install UMC's (Under Machine Conveyors) for our custumers around the world.
These reliable units use standard components that will ensure low maintenance costs and minimal downtime.

Roll-up conveyor

The roll-up conveyer collects the broke and empties it into the pulper at a convenient time. Mainly used on machines producing light grades.
The conveyer belt is returned to collect position after discharging the broke.
To clean up under a paper machine is an unpleasant and risky job because of the heat, moisture and the risk that a roll journal can break and fall down. Also consider the risk of fire and how dirty the paper becomes after it has been handled by manual system.

Fast-runner conveyor

Fast runner is a continuous conveyer that starts automatically when a break occurs it transports the broke to the pulper continuously.
Mainly used on machime producing heavy grades as well as on pulp machines. 

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