Recycled paper handling for optimal stock preparation

portfolio_long_dewiring.jpg Dewiring unit

We specialize in tailor-made solutions suitable for your applications.

Incorporating a waste paper stage in existing mills is a challenge for which Metrans is well suited. Experience from many projects in existing plants and the ability to create and produce tailor-made solutions are both ideal starting points for limiting the investment needed.
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Automatic recycled paper dewiring unit

Metrans recycled paper bale dewiring unit can automatically dewirer bales of different sizes and paper grade.

Automatic continuous wire cutting

Metrans automatic wire cutter can cut and split the recycled paper bales during the continuous feeding of the pulper. This is achieved by allowing the knife to move together with the bale during the cutting process
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Apron Conveyor

The apron conveyors are of overlapping and leak proof type and are equipped with automatic lubrification. To take up the polygon mouvement the stretching devices are equipped with steel feathers. This robust design as proven, in many installations, to be able to operate fulltime for over 20 years with the same chain and driving unit. The conveyor can also be equipped with a scale.
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Recycled paper belt conveyors

These belt conveyors are specially developed for recycled bales and loose paper. By creating a good seal between the belt and the side of the conveyor, we have achieved a leak proof design.
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Leveling wheel

To get an even flow to the pulper a leveling wheel can be used. By controlling the speed and the distance between the conveyor and the wheel the feed to the pulper can be controlled.
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Bale breaker

The bale breaker opens up a hard bale. It is equipped with self-cleaning screws. The out feed capacity can be adjusted by controlling the movement pattern of the screws.
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Ragger tail puller

Automatically, on a continuous or discontinuous, pulls the ragger tail out of the pulper.
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Tail cutter guillotine type

Cut the ragger tail into pieces with a robust construction and few moving parts.

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