Pulp bale handling line

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Bale handling has become increasingly sophisticated.

The trend is towards several jumbo bale lines and automatic retrieval of the correct mixture. Control is from the pulper single bale or batch by batch. We are able to adapt the handling system to deal with all bale types and flexible for product changes integrated into the monitoring process


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Automatic big unit dewiring

The big dewiring unit automatically adjust to different bale sizes. The wires are automatically cut and winded up to a small coil.

Automatic single bale dewiring

The single bale dewiring machine adjusts to different bale sizes (two or four wires bales) and automatically cuts the wires. These are then collected by fingers and transported to a wire winder that creates a coil from hundreds of bales.
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Metal detector

The detector automatically controls the bale.
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Bale destacker

Destacks pulp bales from a stack to a single bale. It can be fixed or moveable in order to mix bales from different lines
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Buffer chain conveyor

This convoyer is set up for 8 bales units
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Manual dewiring conveyer

The pneumatic vertically movable beam placed between the chain is equipped with iron pegs. Having the bale resting on the iron pegs makes it easy to remove the wires.
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Mixing and transport wagon

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Swing conveyor

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